About Us

BDP Apparel

BDP Apparel is a 100% Black Owned clothing and accessories store that caters to the needs of African American women. Our business was born with one goal in mind, to celebrate the beauty of Black women and the power of their melanin. What better way to pull this off than with our statement pieces that allows you to express your pride in being a black woman.Β 

At BDP Apparel, we are not just your regular clothing and accessories store; we are committed to empowering and celebrating black queens all over the world. From our clothing collection which includes t-shirts, hats and hoodies, to accessories like bracelets, key chains, bags, scarves, and mugs, we want you to feel loved. Every one of our products is designed with a message of empowerment and appreciation for Black women.

We represent our black queens and encourage you to dare to be yourself through our unique selection of products. When you shop at BDP Apparel, you are not just making a purchase, but you are also giving support to a black owned business that is committed to empowering African American women.

Browse through our collection of products infused with Black Culture vibes, we're sure you'd find something you love!